Let children have time
to be children.

Let them play, explore,
work and interact.

Let them enjoy God’s world.


What Parents Are Saying


"What a great foundation you’ve laid for my son at the preschool! Because of you, he’s ready for kindergarten and knows that learning is fun and interesting. He’s grown so much this year. He’s learned about sharing, responsibility, respect, leadership and friendship as well as academics. Thank you for all you’ve done for him. We’ll always appreciate the impact you and the school have made on him."



"Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher! We have been thrilled with your preschool program. My son absolutely loves it."



"You are so creative and do so many fun things with the kids. Thank you for always being so helpful with my son and patient. You are a blessing."



"Thank you so much for all the love, care and attention you’ve given to my daughter. She has loved being in your class and speaks of you often."



"Thank you for being [my daughter’s] teacher these past two years. The excitement and love of learning you have given to her is such a wonderful gift. We are grateful for your love for our daughter and all the kiddos."