Let children have time
to be children.

Let them play, explore,
work and interact.

Let them enjoy God’s world.


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    The Whole Child

    Our purpose at Rockrimmon Christian Preschool is to spark your child’s spirit, mind and body to grow and flourish. In a safe and positive environment, your child will grow and learn and find his/her unique way in life.

    Traditional Montessori Materials: You will see traditional Montessori materials in the classroom including sensorial, language, mathematics, practical life skills, science and cultural materials. Why Montessori? Maria Montessori was a remarkable lady, being the first woman to earn a doctor’s degree from the University of Rome in 1896. Through her work with handicapped children and later children from the slums, she realized that there is so much potential in the young child that was not given a chance in grow in her world. As she began “The Children’s House,” she developed methods and materials that brought out the hidden potential in each child. Her methods and materials have become world famous spreading the Montessori approach to teaching around the world.

    Sensitive Period: The preschool years are a specific time in a child’s development where the child is most “sensitive” to learn certain skills. If the child is not exposed to these skills or does not ”catch” the skills at this time, it will hinder his growth in these areas in later years.

    Prepared Environment: The teacher’s role is to observe and understand the children so well that she can prepare a classroom and activities that are most beneficial to the children’s need.

    Multi-Age Group: This is a standard classroom Montessori to encourage leadership and helping each other.


    The Spirit    

    We talk about our Christian life with God through the faith of a child. We read Bible stories, pray and explore the wonders of God’s creation.


    The Mind

    Children will experience:

    Artistic expression is a very important element in a child’s life, which aids in the child’s development. The children will have many free, open-ended art activities as well as more step-by-step art projects. Art classes will be taught with an appreciation for God and His hand in creating the world.

    Nature studies will be a hands-on exploration of animals, plants, the earth, seasons, science, and much more. Nature stories give a child a sense of wonder and reverence for the mysteries of nature.

    Montessori methods and materials where children are taught lessons with the materials and then work independently or in small groups. This encourages self-motivation and personal responsibility.

    Academic preparation includes the traditional Montessori language and mathematics materials in learning pre-reading and math function skills in a hands-on manner. Centers include language, math, sensorial, practical life, science/nature, cultural, arts/crafts, books, music/movement, and building.

    Social interaction is exercised in every aspect of the classroom environment from circle time to lessons with a small group, sharing with and helping each other, games indoors and outdoors, and imaginative play.

    Independent self-care training will take place as the children have daily tasks of caring for themselves, for the classroom, and for classroom plants and pets.

    Music training is an excellent preparation for any future music endeavors. This is a great way to instill the love of music and singing in a child.


    The Body

    Indoor movement activities, games and challenges will help in physical fitness, interaction with others, and learning to follow simple rules and instructions.

    Outdoor play will include a sand box, a large play apparatus, gardening, balls, trikes, and much more.