Let children have time
to be children.

Let them play, explore,
work and interact.

Let them enjoy God’s world.


About Our Staff

We have 3 wonderful preschool teachers and the director. All staff have Early Childhood courses and various degrees and credentials, and many years of experience. All staff have Colorado background checks, First Aid, CPR and many other required courses for preschool teaching. Most of all, they have a heart for children, to care for them, to help them grow in the Lord, and to prepare them for future years.


About the Instructor

Member of:
International Montessori Council
BA in Psychology
North American Montessori Center Graduate
Level IV Colorado Early Childhood Professional Credential

I am so excited to be working with your children at Rockrimmon Christian Preschool. Since I was a teenager, I’ve had a desire to work with preschool children. In the early days this led to many teaching opportunities, from VBS programs to summer child care. I went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in psychology with an emphasis on children, and also Early Childhood courses for directorship and Montessori training.
Over 24 or so years I have taught in various schools, including a preschool for special needs and challenged children, a Christian preschool, and a correspondence home school program. I also developed learning centers for home school students.  And for 26 years I have taught martial arts to young children and adults. I have a BA in Psychology and have completed courses in Early Childhood Development for directorship and earned a Montessori Teaching Diploma from North American Montessori Center to become a director for child care. In 2005 I started Kids’ Art & Nature Montessori Preschool in Monument, Colorado. Directing it for five years was a wonderful experience. Then moving the preschool to my home for two years as the Rockrimmon Christian Preschool has been a great opportunity to get to know families in my area. Now we are so excited to have a preschool in the Rockrimmon area. This will be our fifth  year at our preschool center with our home-like and comfortable environment for the children.
Born and raised in Pasadena, California, I relocated with my husband and our three sons to Colorado Springs in 1991. My husband has been the editor who founded two magazines for children, “Clubhouse” and “Clubhouse Jr.” Now my boys are grown, and I have 5 grandchildren.
Our school’s approach to education provides a wonderful preparation for grade school or a supplement to home-schooling.  We present age-appropriate activities, Montessori materials and methods, many hands-on experiences, and nature/science studies with art, music and literature. We guide the children in learning to make choices, develop responsibility, learn problem-solving, be confident in social situations, and become excited about discovering the world through education. As a result, a child who is self-motivated to learn will progress much faster. Most important, our classroom is a place where children will see and learn about God’s love for them. As even young children can come to know and love Jesus, so also they can learn to love and care for the people and the world around them.
Thank you for this opportunity to serve your children.


Susan Seldomridge